12-Week Brand Accelerator


12-Week Brand Accelerator

Are you ready to make Boss moves? The kind of moves that will have those in your circle of influence doing a double take and wondering, “what just happened?” If so, our 12 Week-Personal Brand Accelerator was designed specifically for you. Whether you are about to release a book, head out on a speaking tour, accept a new promotion, or just ready to stop playing around—our Accelerator is designed to build, develop and launch your Personal Brand into the marketplace during the next 3-months.  

In 90-Days, you will walk away knowing who you are, what you do and what makes you so undeniably fierce. The exceptionally dope design team we’ve partnered with will work with you to execute your brand vibe, website and marketing collateral.  We have mapped out everything you need to hit the ground running and will make sure when you step out, you are Undeniably Fierce.   

If you are ready to “play a bigger game,” and learn how to strategically position your expertise in a powerful and compelling way, we invite you to apply today. Our program is very intense and requires a lot on both (your and ours) so we need to make sure that you are not only ready, but are in a position to hit the ground running.


Audience:      Executive | Professional Women 

Pricing:          $12,000 

Length:           3-Months 

Team:             Personal Brand Strategist, graphic and web designer, copywriter


-       Pre-Session Audit: Digital questionnaire designed to provide a comprehensive overview of your background, skills, talents, services, corporate stakeholders, leadership goals.

-       Pre-Session Survey: Discover what others think about you? What does your reputation currently say about you?  Where they are gaps between how you want to be seen and how you are actually seen?

-       2-Hour Strategic Video Conference : Our strategy session will discuss your unique skills, talents and industry expertise. We will clarify your goals and discuss ways in which you can reach them by leveraging your USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

-    Blueprint Planning: Our session will develop a strategic game-plan for your personal elevation. It will include: Stakeholders Communications Plan, Visibility Strategy, and Marketing Messaging to ensure you convey your Personal Brand through your actions, words and engagement.

The Elevated Expert Accelerator: 12-Week Personal Brand Launch Pad

    • Website

    • Brand Look and Feel

    • Logo

      • Business card

      • Letterhead

    • Media Kit

    • Speaker’s Sheet

    • Executive Imagery Photography (No included, depends on location)

    • Social Media Templates

    • Personal Brand Strategy

    • Content Development

      • Website

      • Speaker’s Kit

      • Media Kit

      • Content Calendar

      • Elevator Pitch

    • 12-Month Personal Brand Strategy


  • Al la carte

    • Logo + Brand Look and Feel

    • Speaker’s Sheet

    • Media Kit

    • Social Media Templates

    • Website



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