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Thank You!

Anybody who knows me well has probably picked up a book that I have recommended. Checked out a website I referenced or visited a place that I’ve sung praises for. Why? Through the years I’ve sort of become the Goddess of Curation!

It’s a skill I picked up over 25 years ago, when in advertising school. I was taught the importance of “always keeping my finger on the pulse of what was going on,” if I was going to enter the advertising industry and have the ability to connect with the general marketplace.

It’s also a skill I take very seriously. I don’t believe in wasting time “trying to figure something out,” if there is a better way. A few months ago, I put together what is the world’s biggest resource for “personal elevation,” resources for professional women.

This guide is full of everything from the best executive leadership schools for women to where to go when you want to elevate your negotiation, public speaking or executive presence skills. But, here’s there best part. This guide is absolutely FREE. My goal is to make sure women are empowered, and equipped with the knowledge for leveling up. If my Gold book helps you do that, even better! Please let me know your thoughts and send the link to those within your “circle of influence,” who you believe will benefit from the information as well.

Be Fierce,