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Welcome, to The Lab!

The Personal Elevation Lab™ is a the nation’s first and only “elevation consultancy” specifically designed to catapult the visibility, credibility, and profitability of professional women executives and entrepreneurs.

Savvy women hire us when they are ready to “make a name for themselves” within their organization and industry. We believe that it doesn’t matter how great you are, if nobody knows who you are! Our mission is to equip you with the tips, tools and strategies to shape your image, craft and control your narrative and strategically position yourself for industry recognition and success!



  • Tired of being your industry’s best kept secret

  • Tremendously skilled within your area of expertise, but ill-equipped when it comes to knowing how to effectively market yourself

  • Frequently overlooked for promotions and opportunities that you are more than qualified for

  • Paying the price for not establishing a reputation outside of the four walls of your organization

  • Frustrated because you don’t know how to differentiate yourself from your colleagues and peers

  • Uncomfortable with the thought of “bragging” about yourself

  • So busy building your organization’s brand, you’ve paid very little attention to your own

  • Commanding less money than your experience, education and overall ability dictate you should be making

  • Ready to learn how to leverage all of your industry know-how and expertise in ways that create additional streams of income

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We Believe

At the Personal Elevation Lab, we are guided by a few core principles that provide the foundation for everything we do!

1. The world will never see you higher than you see yourself!

2. If you don’t define yourself, others will do it for you and you just might not like what they come up with.

3. It doesn’t matter how great you are if nobody knows who you are.

4. The most important brand in the world is your own.

5. Your reputation is your most valuable currency and you must protect it at all costs.

6. Your circle of influence must reflect where you are headed, and not just where you’ve been.

7. The most brutal critic you will ever encounter lives within; you must slay it!

8. The world is waiting for you to step into the highest version of yourself!

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Far too often, professional women buy into the myth that their education, grit, undeniable work ethic, loyalty and impressive track record will insulate them from “being a corporate casualty” and launch them to their next level. Statistics prove they are wrong. In every industry, women are paying a significant price for a lack of visibility.


Developing a strong personal brand is critical for your professional elevation.



  • Increased earning potential

  • Increased visibility

  • Ability to shape and control your narrative

  • Ability to become an Industry Thought Leader (SME)

  • Ability to establish authority in a single niche market

  • Increased credibility

  • Top-of-mind status

  • Higher perceived value

  • Enhanced prestige

  • Leadership role

  • Ability to distinguish from competition

  • Ability to control public perception

  • Increased ability to attract the right kinds of clients

  • Stronger connection with target audience



Brand Clarity Call:

Imagine having absolute clarity around your personal brand and your next steps. Knowing, without a doubt, what made you so Undeniably Fierce! Our Brand Strategy Clarity Session is designed to help you to uncover and remove anything blocking you from being able to develop, package and elevate your personal brand and expertise. We will identify what you want to do and the next best step to helping you get there. If you are ready to move forward with elevating your visibility, but don’t know where to start, give me a call!

The Elevator Pitch:

It doesn’t matter how great you are, if you are unable to communicate it effectively to the world! Savvy women understand the importance of mastering their ability to effectively communicate what makes them so “Undeniably Fierce.” They would never leave something so critical to their success “to chance,” or, ever consider “winging it.” They understand that if they can’t effectively “sell themselves,” they will never be able to attract “next-level” opportunities. If you are ready to learn how to communicate what makes you so undeniably fierce, sign up today, for a powerful Elevator Pitch Strategy Session!

Personal Brand Intensive:

If you’re tired of feeling frustrated, stuck and at a loss for how to take ownership of your Personal Brand, our PBI session is for you! Learn how to develop an authentic, effective and magnetic personal brand that represents who you are, resonates with your audience and positions you in a strong and powerful way. This one-of-a-kind session will help you identify how you are currently positioned within your field, clarify where you could be, based on your education and experience, and show you how to leverage your expertise to develop a strong and compelling brand.

Thought Leadership Intensive:

It’s no coincidence that specialists command twice as much as generalists do. In every industry, people are willing to pay more for the opportunity to “work with the best.” Therefore, industry experts don’t have to “justify their worth.” People hire them because they already “get it.”

Undeniably Fierce women recognize the link between being “seen for their industry expertise and thought leadership,” and being rewarded monetarily and through increased opportunities. The reality is, in order to stay relevant in a fiercely competitive professional world, it is imperative for you to figure out how to catapult your Thought Leadership and use it to “make a name for yourself.”


12-Week Brand Accelerator:

How do you show up in the world? Have you been intentional about crafting and curating your Personal Brand? Is your online image as Fierce as it is offline? When someone “looks you up,” or happens to “stumble upon you,” are they blown away by your clarity, professionalism, expertise and elevated image? Our Brand Accelerator is a one-of-a kind program that takes your personal brand from amateur to professional in 90-days. We have assembled a power-house Brand Team that will provide you with the following: Beautiful Brand Image (Style Board, Logo Suite and Brand Style Guide), Branded Website, Branded Social Media Imagery (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Headers), Brand Messaging + Strategy, Elevator Pitch, Thought Leadership Intensive and 12-Month Personal Elevation Visibility Plan. Start with nothing. Leave with…EVERYTHING!