Personal Brand Intensive Sessions

Corporate America Will Teach You Very Quickly That Your Competency And Visibility Are Not Synonymous

It’s Your Job to Show Your Organization Why You Matter. 

But how can you tell the world what makes you so great, if you aren’t quite sure yourself?

Let me help you find out! 


Grad School.

Great Companies.

Impressive Opportunities. 

You’ve done everything “right,” and yet, you still struggle to get those within your organization and industry to recognize your value.

When you look around, very few “leaders” look like you. 

After all that you’ve done and contributed, you still find  yourself having to justify why you should be considered for an opportunity. Considered for a promotion.

Or, paid what you are “worth.” 

And guess what, you aren’t alone.

Far too many professional women have been taught a “backwards” formula for professional success. They were taught being exceptional was enough. Hard work would open doors. And opportunities would come if they “kept the faith,” their head down and logged in the  blood, sweat and tears necessary. 

Unfortunately, for the majority of women, that has not been a winning formula and they have paid a significant price.  They haven’t learned the importance of developing a strong personal and leadership brand, expanding their “circle of influence, “ communicating regularly with key stakeholders within their organization and industry or mastering how to control their own narrative.

Many shy away from the idea of “bragging” about their current projects, instead of recognizing the effectiveness of keeping key decision makers and influencers informed of their organizational contributions. 

However, savvy women recognize that the quickest way to the top (along-side of hard work, impressive strategy and an influential circle of influence) is developing a strong personal and leadership brand. Knowing what their unique selling proposition is and  how to strategically convey their personal narrative.

If you are ready to take control of how your personal and leadership brand and position yourself as a force to be reckoned with within your organization and industry, sign up for a PB Intensive today!


For:                 Executive | Professional Women 

Pricing:          $1500

Length:          2-Hour Strategy Sessions

                        1-Hour Follow-up Session for Blueprint  


  • Pre-Session Audit: Digital questionnaire designed to provide a comprehensive overview of your background, skills, talents, services, corporate stakeholders, leadership goals. 

  • Pre-Session Survey: Discover what others think about you? What does your reputation currently say about you!  There are gaps between how you want to be seen and how you are actually seen?

  • 2-Hour Strategic Video Conference : Our strategy session will discuss your unique skills, talents and industry expertise. We will clarify your goals and discuss ways you can reach them by leveraging your USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

  • Blueprint Planning: Our session will develop a strategic game-plan for your personal elevation. It will include: Stakeholders Communications Plan, Visibility Strategy, and Marketing Messaging to ensure you convey your Personal Brand through your actions, words and engagement. 

  • Post Session Audio Recording:You will receive a 60-0-Second audio file of How it Should Be Delivered for future reference. This will allow you to download and practice as much as needed. 

  • Post session Write-Up: You will also receive a one-page write-up of our session that includes custom strategies that can be used for various situations.

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