The Evolution of Eve: 4 Elevation Strategies for Smart, Savvy Women.


Talk about leveling up.

Who would have ever thought that Eve, also known as the First Lady of Ruff Ryders, the one with the distinct paw prints tattoed across her chest and history as a former stripper, would be in a position to school women across the globe on the concept of Personal Elevation?

But she can.

And guess what? We should all pay attention to!

Eve’s story, as it is currently unfolding, is the perfect example of a North Star for any woman who has ever felt marginalized. Any woman who started at the bottom didn’t feel as “polished,” as everyone else, had to endure public humiliation or simply didn’t feel “worthy,” of the dreams and aspirations that she secretly held. This one is for you.

Eve Jihan Jeffers-Coopers, the dope lyricist behind the hip hop cult classics “Who’s that Girl,” “Gangsta Lovin,” and one of my all-time favorite collabs with Gwen Stefani, “Let Me Blow Your Mind,” which by the way, earned her a Grammy, has transitioned before our very eyes from a young hip hop artist “rocking the mike,” in clubs and sold-out stadiums with the boys to “rocking the mike” every day in living rooms across America, as one of the co-hosts of The Talk, with her girls.

Her transition from the “bottom to the top,” has been nothing short of masterful and is in fact, a perfect example of what happens when “baby refuses to be put in a corner.

For anyone not familiar with Eve, and her story. A little background: She launched onto the hip hop scene in the late 90s and quickly became a celebrated female emcee, even being named to the list of VH1’s “50 Greatest Women of the Video Era.” Wisely, as her fame began to rise, she intentionally expanded her territory and launched a clothing line called, Fetish (which has since closed). She began acting and quickly landed roles in Blockbuster hits like Barbershop on the big screen and snagged the starring role of her own sitcom, aptly titled, Eve.

But, despite the incredible professional trajectory, things began to spiral out of control personally. Soon she found herself standing in the eye of a personal storm — ending a tumultuous relationship, surviving a leaked sex tape and enduring years of internet ridicule.

Here’s what she did: She held her head up. Packed her bags and said yes, to the next level of opportunities, which included a travel show executive produced by the late Anthony Bourdain called The Gateway airing on the Esquire Network. She also took the time to get 100% clear about what she wanted and deserved. “I really had to look at myself and I had to love myself. It was me really talking to myself like, “Girl, you deserve better, like, what is it that you really want?” So I had to check in with me. And then I decided that I’m not going to take anything less than what it is that I know I deserve.”

Then she fell in love with Maximillion Cooper, Gumball 3000 founder, and successful British entrepreneur and relocated to London.

Eve demonstrates that with the right mindset, intention, and strategy, you can rebuild, redefine and reignite your personal and professional life at any time.

Despite what the haters and naysays have to say…

Looking back at Eve’s personal and professional history and her enviable ascension, there has been a recurring theme throughout, a commitment to Personal Elevate.

Here Are Four Strategies You Can From Her Glow-Up:

Be Willing to Face Your Fears: Are you somebody who gets paralyzed at the thought of operating outside of your comfort zone? Do you shudder at the thought of making a mistake? Or, tackling something that feels a little too challenging? If so, make this your number #1 priority in 2019. Grab the book, “Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway,” by Dr. Susan Jeffers. This cult classic will help you reframe the way you approach challenges by recognizing the only way to grow is by walking through the fire. Eve can attest… Even though she is a Grammy Award-winning artist, who has no problem dropping verses from the stage, when she landed her role on The Talk, she admitted that she has had to overcome one of the most common fears in the world, public speaking. “Give me a mic and some music, I’m so dope. I can get onstage with no fear, like, no real fear — I get nerves. But having to just talk? I hate having to speak in front of people, so this was a big deal for me. Like, a big deal,” she said during an Interview with The Glow Up.

Take What Serves You, Release the Rest: The entire concept of Personal Elevation means leveling up from where you are. We’ve all heard the saying, “what got you here, won’t get you there,” and nothing can be further from the truth. Right now, there are habits, people and thoughts that are holding you back. Be bold enough to meet them head-on. At the beginning of her career, Eve developed a reputation among journalists and reporters for her short, curt answers, resting bitch face, and infrequent smile. Needless to say, none of those “winning attributes,” played a part in landing her a permanent co-hosting chair on The Talk.

Your Past, Is Just That…It Doesn’t Have to Limit You: Maybe you have been fired, lost an account or simply were looked over for a project that you thought you deserved. Or maybe you have been through something that feels so overwhelming, you have no idea how you will ever be able to move on. Take a deep breath and recognize that none of those things has to interfere with you reaching your Personal Highest Potential. Consider, ten years ago, Eve found herself embroiled in a personal scandal involving a very bad break-up and enduring the world witnessing an intimate on a leaked sex tape. Today, she uses her past as an opportunity to empower others and demonstrate that you can get through anything.

Your Image Must Align With Your Aspirations: Let’s just get real. Image matters. A lot. Your personal images teach the world, how you want to be seen. Far too often, women don’t recognize that skill-set, education and experience simply aren’t enough to secure “next level” opportunities. How many times have you heard somebody lose out on an opportunity because “people just couldn’t see it?” You need to embody the image of the person at the end of the destination tunnel, not the beginning. Sure, it seems trivial and “unfair” but…it is what it is. Eve recognized the enormous gap between the style of her young emceeing day's stadiums across the world to the one now, where she is invited into the homes of “stay at home mothers,” across the nation each morning. She said, her style is “Definitely more refined. Definitely less excess. But I guess that just comes with age.”

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