How to Identify the Gaps in the Market, Then Close Them with Your Expertise

Years ago, during my Madison Ave. days, I remember how hard it was to find images that felt "representative." 

-You would never see a woman "tatted up," because the prevailing thought was that wasn't what a "good mother looked like."

- You would never see a woman with an obvious handicap in a "general market," campaign because it would make people uncomfortable. 

- You would never see an African American man "loving up his children," because we all know that black men aren't loving and definitely not living at home.

- You would never see a woman with natural hair in the corporate environment looking "fierce," because "natural" hair wasn't considered "mainstream" enough to be accepted and could absolutely derail your chances of a successful career.

The world has benefited immensely from the decision of Sheryl Sandberg to do something about it. Simply by partnering with Getty Images, they have held a mirror up so the world #RepictureWomen. One of the biggest problems in advertising and marketing is the lack of diversity in the broadest is very hard to grow up and be what you never see. 

My challenge is for you to do the same in your industry. When you look around your industry, or company, what things have been overlooked and not addressed, but you feel as though it is a no-brainer? Where can you add extra value and broaden the conversation or "old way of doing things?" Once you identify it...

Maybe it's time you introduce the world to your solution. 


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