Self-Worth Is the New Black: How to Leverage It for Fierce, Chic and Unapologetic Results

There’s nothing more fierce than a woman who understands herself-worth—and excepts nothing less than what she feels that she deserves in her personal and professional life. A woman who is willing to walk, if you don’t agree with her.

She doesn’t compromise in her relationships. 


She doesn’t compromise with her finances.


She doesn’t compromise in her professional life. 


She can’t be denied. 


Unfortunately, having a heavy sense of self-worth is exceedingly hard to do in a society that is structured to make you doubt and compare yourself. Everything around you, from the nearly perfect vacation photos on your flowing on your Instagram to the barrage of barrage of advertising designed to make you “buy the next new product,” reinforces the fact that you aren’t good enough as you are. 


I have run a person branding firm for the past decade. I had no idea when I first began the role that self-worth played in branding. It took me several years to make the connection. Ten years into this game, I unequivocally believe that self-worth is the foundation for everything you do. 


If you don’t have a strong sense of worth, there is no tip, tool or strategy that can help you. In addition, if you are struggling to believe your value, it will be absolutely impossible to fully embody or live up to your potential because you won’t believe you deserve to be there. 


Your life’s purpose, if you choose to accept it, is to begin the process of building up your self-worth, self-confidence and self-esteem to the point you are absolutely what they call Un-F*ckwithable. You should be so secure in who you are, that the negative things in society, in your family, in your environment, simply can’t penetrate your amour. Like the idea, but don’t know where to start? Here are three strategies to get your started: 


Far too often we can do a million positive things and a few negative, but which do we tend to dwell on? In order to elevate your self-image you have to be willing to change the lens in which you view yourself. 



1.    Do the Work: Spend time every day, developing your internal strength. Pray. Mediate. Watch videos. Journal. Read books like: You are a Badass, The Miracle Morning or The Fire Starter Sessions. Spend a minimum of 30-minutes a day to  discovering the right formula for you that puts you on a path to feeling stronger internally. 

2.    100 Things: Buy a beautiful journal that is only used to record the good. Carry it with you. List 100 positive things in it about yourself. People you have helped. Awards you’ve received. Obstacles you’ve overcome. Degrees, promotions or praise you’ve earned. Don’t edit yourself. It’s time to open the lens on who you are and what you are really bringing the table. Your listings can be big or small. Size is irrelevant. The goal is to remind yourself, just how amazing you are. 

3.    Record an Affirmation: Write down a specific affirmation about who you are and record it on your smartphone. Then play it every morning. Example: 

Jennifer Ransaw Smith, you are an incredibly smart, savvy and skilled brand strategist who is touching and changing lives daily and raising three powerfully grounded, kind and spirited children. The world is a better place because you are here. 


When you begin to recognize that your financial situation, bad relationships, feeling stuck and sorry for yourself are all directly correlated to your self-worth, you will make a decision to do something about it. Then and only then, can we begin to equip you with the tools for elevating your visibility in a fierce and powerful way—because you will be ready.