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Self-Worth Is the New Black: How to Leverage It for Fierce, Chic and Unapologetic Results

There’s nothing more fierce than a woman who understands her self-worth—and accepts nothing less than what she feels she deserves in her personal and professional life. A woman who is willing to walk, if you don’t agree with her.


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The Elevated Image: Stop “Playing a Professional.” It’s Time to Become One.

Like it or not, you have a personal brand and it is either working for you and moving you closer to your goals or against you, always. For too long, Anna didn’t recognize that her reputation was developed by much more than how she handled her “job requirements,” and this oversight caused her to miss out on a lot. 

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How Could I Expect Others to Value My Worth, When I Didn’t?

I have dealt with SELF-WORTH issues my entire career. And most of my life, I had no idea. I’ve always been confident, self-assured and out-spoken. What I didn’t recognize is that those characteristics have absolutely nothing to do with how one feels about themselves and what they are willing to accept.

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