Be Her Example: Your Daughter Will Learn to Be Unapologetic by Watching You!

Think about this. 

How many times has someone paid you a compliment and you brushed it off as nothing? 

How many times have you deferred your dreams, goals, or ambition because it wasn’t the right time? 

How many times have you put your self-care on the back-burner because you had too much to do to than think about something as “frivolous” as your own needs? 

How many times have you felt less than, not worthy or ill-equipped to pursue your deepest desires so you just “let them go?” 

Now consider, as a mom (especially to a daughter) you are her greatest example. As the single sex parent, you teach her how to show up in the world simply by how you do. Your words of encouragement and beautiful affirmations pale in comparison to your actions. 

Are you hypocritical about when it comes to what you say and what you do? Believe me when I say it matters. A lot. 

How you show up in the world is important. Whether you are taking up a lot of space or not speaks much louder than anything you have ever said? Does your daughter have an example who is bold? Impactful? Forceful? Unapologetic? 

Or, is she being raised by someone “who is hiding her gifts, talents, expertise, humor, and significance from the world?

Does she get the tremendous benefit of watching and learning what it means to “go get hers?” I hope so. But if not, it isn’t too late. In case you haven’t noticed, women are sick and tired of excepting less than, being undervalued and under-compensated and overlooked for opportunities they are more than qualified for. 

There are a lot of women who are stepping up and saying, enough. However, they are a lot more who aren’t—because they have never been taught to properly use their voice.  

You have a responsibility to yourself, to play at the highest level of your potential. You have a responsibility to her to show her how it is done—and be visible.