Build Your Tribe: Always Know Who Has Got Your Back!

Several years ago, I received a text from a client asking me to call ASAP—and I did. From the moment, I picked up the phone I could immediately sense that something was drastically wrong. As my client spoke, I could hear the fear, disappointment and confusion about her situation and realized that we weren’t about to have just a “casual call.” 

So I pulled over.

When I did and got settled, on the side of the road, I listened intently as she shared how her week had just unfolded. She has spent a large about of time, money and energy working on a “big project” and according to her “nothing went as planned.” 

She felt as though her team “didn’t have her back.” Promises were made—and not kept. Expenses multiplied and now finally arriving on the other side of the project, she felt deflated.

Having been an entrepreneur myself for ten years now and a strategic partner to countless clients from “coast to coast,” I was able something of immense value, immediately. 


I sat on the road with her and walked her step-by-step through how to “learn from every circumstance” that presented itself and put processes in place so they never happened again. How to “Cover her a**” with strategy, documents, procedures and conversations she would never find herself in this disempowering situation again. 

When we hung up, not only did she feel better—more importantly, she felt empowered.

Perspective is everything. But oftentimes, we find ourselves so close to a situation that the only way to get the proper perspective is through an outside view. So let me ask you, who do you have in your life and/or business that helps you gain the proper perspective?

Who on your team is the person you can turn to for “the truth?” No sugar-coating, “Yes, men and women” Just people bold, brave and loving enough to “tell you the truth?”  

The fact is the next level (whatever that is for you) will require it. It’s sort like your passport. You simply won’t get there (with minimal scars and bruising) if you don’t equip yourself with a fierce team. And one of those people needs to be someone who can hold you accountable, help you see when you are getting in your own way and provide you options and strategies that you simply “would have never thought of.”

If that seat hasn’t been filled yet, I’d suggest you start interviewing candidates.