Practice Universal Laws: What Goes Around Comes Around

There are certain Universal Principles that always ring true. But, we continue to fight and deny them. One is “you reap what you sow.” If your personal brand (reputation) is steeped in generosity, giving and empowering that is what will come back your way.

However, the other rings equally true. If your brand is steeped in the philosophy of “quid pro quo.” You do for me…and I’ll do for you. Those are the circumstances that will present themselves in your life. You will be a magnet for people who are always “looking for a favor.” You will find yourself always working from a place of suspicion and thinking others are “looking for something for nothing.”

A few weeks ago, I was sitting with a new client. She expressed concern about building a community, launching a newsletter, or pretty much doing anything that required her to “share her material.” Why? She felt as though “others would steal it as start positioning it as their own.” So she played small. 

She was sitting in my office because as Dr. Phil would say, “it wasn’t really working for her.”

Here’s what I explained to her. First the bad news.  The reality is unless you are inventing the cure for some rare disease, there is very little that is actually “new” in the world. You aren’t as “special” as you think you are. In fact, chances are pretty strong that everything you “do,” there are a ton of other people who “do” the same thing. 

But on the brighter side—Nobody does it like you do. No one. Nada. You will be hard pressed to find one other person in the entire universe who is coming from your “perspective.” The don’t share your experiences, lessons, failures or successes. They haven’t read the same articles, watched every movie, participated in every conversation, or had the full immersion in your life. Therefore you truly do have “unique positioning.” 

So when you are building your reputation as an expert in your industry, be generous. Don’t hold back. Show the world what you have to offer. Stop thinking people are going to “steal your ideas.” Instead think about how many lives will be changes because your “ideas have been shared.”

When you do that, you are will be shocked at the tsunami of clients, respect, money and opportunities that begin to come your way. Promise.