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Grace Under Fire

The King and Kelly interview was not only one of the biggest journalism scores of the week (it would have been year, but over 30 million people logged onto watch Jordyn Woods interview on the Red Table Talk with Jada Pinkett last week), it was also the absolute personification of what it means to remain in control during a chaotic situation—a skill many professional women could benefit from. 

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Practice Universal Laws: What Goes Around Comes Around

There are certain Universal Laws that always ring true. But, we continue to fight and deny them. One is “you reap what you sow.” If your personal brand (reputation) is steeped in generosity, giving and empowering, that is what will come back your way.

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Unapologetic Ambition: Three Strategies for Becoming Fearless in Your Pursuit of The Next Level

One day you will absolutely get sick and tired of playing small. Watching others scale up the ladder, take credit for your ideas and pursue their deepest desires without an ounce of fear about what anyone thinks. That’s when your unapologetic ambition needs to kick in.

Make that day, today.

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Elevate Your Mindset: Think Like an Industry Thought Leader

After 10 years of running a full-service Personal Branding + Elevation Agency, one thing has become abundantly clear. If your mindset doesn’t match your vision, you will never attract the level of success you desire to.

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