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Grace Under Fire

The King and Kelly interview was not only one of the biggest journalism scores of the week (it would have been year, but over 30 million people logged onto watch Jordyn Woods interview on the Red Table Talk with Jada Pinkett last week), it was also the absolute personification of what it means to remain in control during a chaotic situation—a skill many professional women could benefit from. 

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What To Do When Those Who Work With You Don't Know What You Do?

Internal Branding is just as critical as external branding. It is imperative to make sure that those within your organization recognize the value you bring to the table just as much as it is to elevate your visibility externally.

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Be Visible, Not Perfect: Two Unconventional Strategies for Igniting Your Personal Power and Wrapping Every Audience Neatly Around your Finger!

They say the quickest way to elevate your visibility, is through public speaking. For some reason, when you are on a stage, people are able to connect on a deeper level and develop the “know, like a trust factor must quicker.” In fact, often within moments, audience members can assess whether you are somebody they would like to get to know better. 


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