15 Reasons Having A Personal Elevation Plan Can Revolutionize Your Career!

During the last few months, I’ve spoken to more than six people who were unexpectedly laid off from senior level positions. In almost every case, they were commanding high, or multi-six figures, highly educated and had established a reputation for exemplary work. The reasons from the layoffs varied: company going public, new management system, company being relocated. Nonetheless, these layoffs have been extremely devastating to say the least. 

Unfortunately, in every case, the person wasn’t prepared. They had been so busy working hard and building their organizations brand, they paid very little, if any attention to their own. In one case, the person had just returned from Hawaii with her family, as a reward for being one of her company’s highest performers. 

Yet, here she was three months after walking out the door for the final time, scrambling to make the world aware of who she was and what she was capable of. For the past ten years, I’ve had made it my personal mission to shift the perspective of professional women and help them recognize that most important brand in the world is their own. It is critical that they: understand it, built it intentionally and manage it consistently. 

Don’t wait until it’s too late. 

You are the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) of your professional career. Own it—and act like it. When was the last time you have taken an honest assessment of where you are and where you wanted to be? When was the last time you updated your material? Taken a professional headshot? Expanded your knowledge base or strategically done something to position you for success?

If you can’t remember, you’re not running your career like the savvy boss I know you are.  

It’s time to hop over in the driver’s seat and take control. Don’t know how? 

Give us a call and we will help you map out a plan to get you to the next level.

Check all that apply:

__The promotion you want seems to elude you

__Your compensation package isn’t as lucrative as it should be and doesn’t  reflect “your worth”

__You aren’t being “tapped” to sit on Boards or participate in high-profile activities

__You aren’t considered an Industry Expert or Thought Leader

__There is a gap between your talents and what opportunities are being presented

__You don’t have a plan for successfully marketing yourself 

__You feel uncomfortable at the thought of “self-promotion” so let your work speak for itself

__You don’t have a plan “B” if things don’t work out

__You don’t have the influence you want both internally and externally

__You often find yourself working someone else’s agenda

__You don’t have the “ear” of decision makers

__You don’t have an influential network

__You don’t feel as though you are headed on a path of your design

__You don’t know how to stay relevant in an ever-changing industry

__You don’t know how to overcome past perceptions as you move in another area

 Simply put, if you spend more time building, thinking about and managing (your companies brand) and none on your own--something is wrong, and it’s time to do something about. If nobody else has your back, you should!


Jennifer Ransaw Smith is a nationally recognized  Personal Elevation™Architect, Leadership Development Mentor and Personal Brand Strategist. She specializes in igniting the visibility, credibility, and profitability of professional women. If you are interested in joining her tribe of “Undeniably Fierce,” women from across the globe or learning how to Boost Your Status, sign up for her FREE Master Class at www.personalelevation.com