The Most Important Brand is Your Own...And Should Also Be Your Biggest Investments.

In exactly 30 days, we’ll hit the half-way mark for the year. Can you believe it? Seems like just yesterday, we were doing the countdown. For some, 2016 so far has been about hitting significant milestones, accomplishing long-term goals and demonstrating what it means to live into your fullest potential.

For others, not so much.  

Ironically, there is a very thin line that separates the two groups. One group has been extremely intentional about how they approach their success, and one group has not. The successful group has recognized and embraced a concept that has literally changed the game for them.

Your level of success will always be in direct proportion to how much you are willing to invest in yourself. Think about that. During the past five months, how much time, energy and money have you devoted to making other brands successful?:

Starbucks, Apple, Amazon, Harris Teeter, Chipotle, Victoria’s Secret, Macy’s, Toyota, etc.

You get my drift. Seriously, as you go about your work week grabbing a latte here, having lunch there, seeing the latest movies on the weekends, think about how much of those “discretionary funds” have you allotted to your Personal Elevation™.

If you are like most American’s, probably very little. Don’t believe me? I want you to pull out a piece of paper and write down the following words: Entertainment








Now, I want you to estimate how much money you have spent thus far (since January first) in each category. Don’t worry, it can be a rough guess. But be honest because I want you to really understand this concept. After you have your numbers, I want you to pull out a highlighter and cross out everything that is essential to your survival: food, shelter, utilities, etc.

Next, I want you to circle everything that is OPTIONAL. Tally up how much you have spent on OPTIONAL items. Then answer the following question:

With the money I have spent on OPTIONAL expenses this year, how much more successful would I be if I had taken a fraction of that and invested in:

A Business Coach

A Brand Strategist

An Industry Conference

An Online or Certification Course

The top 10 books that were published in my industry last year

Industry periodicals

A resume writer

A publicist

You get the picture. Stop investing all of your time, resources and money on everyone else’s brand. I want you to look back over the past 12 months and ask yourself the following, what do I need to do right now, to make sure that I am not in the same spot 12 months from now?

NY Times Bestselling Author Sally Hogshead said, “You are your own best 401.” “You are the most profitable investment you can make in your future. Relatively small sacrifices now can pay massive dividends in the future.”

Invest in yourself. Stop making excuses and start making BOSS MOVES.


Jennifer Ransaw Smith is a nationally recognized  Personal Elevation™ Architect, Leadership Development Mentor and Personal Brand Strategist. She specializes in igniting the visibility, credibility, and profitability of professional women. If you are interested in joining her tribe of “Undeniably Fierce,” women from across the globe or learning how to Boost Your Status, sign up for her FREE Master Class at