Isn't it Time You Monetized Your Expertise

What if I said that anyone with a skill or talent, should never complain about being broke again. Too harsh? Too unrealistic? Ok, I’ll dial it back a little  because I recognize that “life happens,” and there are a myriad of things that contribute to one’s financial bottom line. However, please recognize that as a smart savvy professional woman, your ability to capitalize on your knowledge extends a lot further than a cushy office, sweet package and hefty bonus.

Your extensive knowledge, skill and expertise can be manifested in many ways, outside of a 9 to 5, no matter what you do. Once you change the way you view it.

A few weeks ago, I received a phone call from a very close friend, who has been a high-ranking employee overseeing the a Drug Treatment Center for one of the nation’s richest counties.

Translation: She works with rich kids and their families. The kids according to her, whose immense wealth not only gives them access to the drugs, they often find themselves back in the same situation years later (after the posh drug treatment centers) because of it.

She called because she was tired and felt completely burnt out. Besides holding a management position in which she was “always on call,” and oversaw a staff of more than 100, she was a busy mom of three, active in multiple community organizations and had a 30 minute daily commute.

The first thing out of her mouth was, “I’ve had it.” I’ve been thinking about changing careers and going in HR. I said, “you’re kidding, right.” Nope. This job, my clients and working in this field is really beginning to take a toll on me and I really think I would be much happier doing something else.

Pause right here. This is what I told her too:

“Before we through out the baby with the bath water, let’s consider how we can leverage your expertise to create something you do enjoy: I want you to remember:  

  • The multiple degrees

  • The blood sweat and tears perfecting your skill

  • The lives you have saved

  • The letters and certifications behind your name

  • The numerous clients who request you specifically

  • The unending referrals

  • The case studies that demonstrate your skill and expertise

  • All of the success stories

I said, “take a deep breath now. While there is nothing wrong with HR, at almost 50, you would be starting toward the bottom. Right now, you are sitting at the top, with a demographic that can actually afford to pay you for a skill that is needed desperately--helping families deal with opioids and other drugs.

I reminded her that she was an expert. However, outside of her company, nobody knew it.  

1.   No Facebook presence

2.   No Professional headshots

3.   No Thought Leadership

4.   No speaking

5.   No networking

6.   Not effective at communicating what she did and why she was a beast at it

7.   No owning her career and brand

8.   No looking at herself as a Thought Leader, despite almost 20 years in the industry

No wonder she wanted to run!

Can you relate? Have you been eyeing retirement, or another job or industry altogether because you feel as though you are at your whit’s end? If so, maybe we should talk. We set up a clarity call to help you, uncover what you need to do to show the world who you really are.


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